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North Florida's Premiere Wedding Venue

The Elite Ballroom is the perfect match for your wedding, reception or any special occasion.  We have a wide variety of decor, and with our installed state of the art lighting systems as well as our beautiful panoramic wall and grand piano, we are right beside you to celebrate this special day worry free.

Have you ever dreamt of having a nice private romantic dinner and then dance with the one you love? At The Elite Ballroom, we can make that dream come true.  When you work with our staff, we will ensure that our catering, bartending, and musician partners, make your night unforgettable.


At The Elite Ballroom we encourage you to turn your vision into a reality.  Focusing on whats most important and creating a wonderful wedding experience

design and Planning

We understand how much goes into such a special event. Please feel free to get any HELP you need thru our Vendors and our Staff. 

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